Daily Dosage

1-2 tablespoon per day is the correct dose for most adults. As with all herbs check with your physician before starting this or any other natural herbal product.

Besides all the health benefits of black seeds, there is some side effects of black seeds. Most of this side effects shown if you consume it too much over the standard.

Tips for Consuming

  • Take your recommended dose by swallowing it with water or milk, or sprinkle it on bread and pastries.
  • Always consume black seed oil and honey in moderation to get best benefits. It is best to take the seed oil and honey before a meal twice daily.

Side Effects of Black Seeds

Black seeds maybe can give health benefits, but also can give side effects if you over the standard. Here are the side effects of black seeds:

  1. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
    Black seeds maybe safe to consume in standard level as body need. But if you consume it in the dose as big medicine dose, probably black seeds not safe for your healthy include pregnancy. The side effects can slowing or stopping womb from contraction. Until now, there is still no the right dose of black seeds in breastfeeding. But for safety, prevent to consume it as long as breastfeeding.
  2. Children
    Do not administer Black Seed Oil to children before checking with your pediatrician.
  3. Bleeding disorder
    Black seed can slowing thrombosis and increasing the ratio of bleeding. So in theory, maybe this can cause bleeding disorder.
  4. Diabetes
    Black seed can make body less produce glucose for a few people. So check your glucose and watch out the symptoms of hypoglycemia. So be careful for you the diabetics.
  5. Hypotension
    Black seed can lowering blood pressure. In theory, consuming the black seed can lowering blood pressure until too low, so if you consume it, you have watch out your blood pressure.
  6. Surgery
    Black seed can slowing thrombosis, reduce the glucose, and increasing sleeping ratio for a few people. In theory, this can disturb the surgery. For your safety, stop consume black seed at least two weeks before the surgery.

For your safety, consult your physician before you use any herbal product.

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